Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Minute Blogging Again: Teaching Difference

I have three inspirations tonight:

1) An excellent post by Lesbian Dad, which I have not the time to find, about explaining to their kids that most people are either boys or girls but some are in between and some boys are 'girly' and some girls are kind of 'boyish' and so on.  I hope one day Bug and Little Bit are interested enough that we can talk about it.  So far we haven't gotten past "Yes, our friend M has two daddies."  Also, he is only two and a half.

On a related note, I just made Little Bit a purple sleep sack.  Not really because I feel the need to impose counter-heteronormative clothing colors on a five-week-old.  Mostly because that was the fabric scrap I had.  Anyhow.

2) A few weeks ago I saw a 3-year-old ask, "What is that [scooter] for?"  And in a spectacular parental FAIL the dad said, "Uh... it's for people... with disabilities!"  Yes.  Way to give your kid a meaningful framework.  I've told Bug in the past "Some people need more help to get around and they use wheelchairs."  And so on.

3) Last week we saw a couple who looked like they had achondroplasia.  Bug was fascinated: people only a little taller than him, but who were behaving like adults!  WHOA!!!  And I was completely exhausted and did not know what to do about my child staring.  Except... if I had had more energy, I would have gone over and had him say hi- "Look, they have a baby just like our baby; how old is she?" is a good opener.  Any other suggestions?

Screaming baby!  Time's up!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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