Monday, November 07, 2011

Bounded In A Nutshell

Why, yes!  When you never sleep more than two hours in a row, you have really strange dreams.


  1. I also recall wondering a bit about my sanity. I hope you can get a few more hours in a row soon!

  2. i found the hallucinations petered out after the first week, though.

    how's bug doing with all this? and what are we calling the new kid?

  3. Bug is doing pretty well, though a little whiny/needy and with a distressing tendency to widdle on the floor. Sigh. Haven't come up with a name for new baby; we've been calling him Baby Bug which is deeply unoriginal and also confusing. (Bug is crying! Which one?) We do actually call Bug that to his face, and he calls himself that, which is kind of funny (Mama loves a Bug!). Anyhow. Baby Bear? Itty Bitty? No idea. Ask again after I've slept!

  4. but i want to know THIS year!

    i can't remember if i've told you this, but bug was the main name for my only true infancy friend (now often known as "womb buddy"). so i always feel especially warm towards your bug.


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