Friday, May 29, 2009

Embracing Woo; Also, Cows

The Pumpkin, it turns out, has a bad latch. Terrible. Also a tongue tie. Why didn't I notice sooner? Because he gained seven pounds in eight weeks. This does not scream 'breastfeeding problems', and it took this long to finally exceed my pain tolerance. Note to self: clicking noises BAD.

On Monday I shall hie me to a lactation consultant. The midwives also recommend seeing a 'cranio-sacral therapist' (for the baby). They realign your woo.... I mean, your vertebrae and cerebrospinal fluid. (Snort.) But hey, it won't hurt anything and it might help. I feel the same way about chiropractors: the theory is nonsense, but the practice is a cross between physical therapy and massage. Besides, the woo that a chiropractor realigned in my hips took care of the horrible awful round ligament pain of pregnancy. After which her theories were irrelevant.

On a similar milk-related note, my mother sent me these: