Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pumpkin-shaped and Thesular

30 weeks: and way more impressive from the side. This is the only garment I have that I still actually like. Pregnancy clothes have nothing to recommend them.

(Please ignore where I spilled water down my dress.)

Am trying not to have paranoid fears about weight gain, which mainly make me unhappy, because it's not like I'm going to stop eating, is it now?

Thesis defense is being scheduled for late February (oops... January already happened) . Hurrah! Hurrah! This is made unwontedly complicated by my thesis committee chair's desire to, perhaps, have another meeting- with my thesis, but necessarily without me - or perhaps with my paper manuscript, but without me- before... scheduling a defense? Before me defending? On the grounds that it is, and I quote, "what we always do." Except, you see, the thesis and the paper aren't quite done. They will be in two weeks. And I need to buy a plane ticket NOW NOW NOW. Must try to call Monday.

I also had a thrilling interchange with a) my advisor; b) the department's Controller Of All Things Graduate and c) via (b), with the department's Faculty Controller Of All Things Graduate. The conclusion was that 1: the department has no guidelines on paper submission before or after defending and 2: as a result, your committee can screw you over whichever way they please. Lovely.

Like most of grad school, it didn't have to be this hard.