Monday, January 19, 2009

Five Reasons I Hate My Neighbors

1. They smoke. All the time. Right below our living room window. (Note to self: Never again rent an apartment unless it specifies non-smoking.)

2. They have loud conversations outside until 4 AM. They play loud thumpy music at all hours. They play all movies and games turned up to 11.

3. They have screaming arguments at 1 AM. (Note: ever since I called the cops that one time, has been better...)

4. Really they are just jackasses. Evidence: they do not answer the door at 2 pm on Saturday when we wish to ask them, politely, to shut the fuck up already.

5. And most of all, because due to all this, we'll probably have to move in May. The two of us and our little baby. Hurrah hurrah.

Why? Why are they so annoying?