Monday, December 03, 2007

Excuse Me, My Brain Is Full

Er... I have nothing coherent to say. I have been conferenced. There were lots of people. Lots. And lots. The company reps gave me a dizzying assortment of stuff, including several demo bricks and a stylish messenger bag (I might buy some expensive special copper wiring from that company, so they were nice to me).

Since I don't intend to stay in research, this conference is a peculiar experience. I'm there to talk to people, hear about jobs, and talk to more people. Oh, and hang out with my friends who are putting me up. I might go see some gardens and visit a particularly good bakery.

There was only one presentation I really wanted to see: the title indicated that they may have done the work I'm about to do, and, er, I'm a little NERVOUS! Alas, neither the author nor the poster showed. So I'll wait in agony until I can set the advisor on him, and go take more chocolate from the copper-wiring booth. Sigh.