Friday, December 07, 2007

Conference Highlights

Least welcome revelation: Someone I used to work with is trying to stab me in the back. And I shared unpublished data with him, the jerk.

Minor consolation: I told everyone at the meeting so.

Second-least welcome revelation: That my ex (with whom I still work), as recently as two years ago, still professed deep feelings for me. Yo, I'm married.

Best part: Staying with B and M! Whose cats have become normal, sit-and-purr-while-petted cats.

Second-best part: Going out to this fine establishment with a former postdoc to have a pint and a nice gossip.

Most amusing encounter: Meeting the former advisor of one of my readers, and discovering that he looks like a dwarf. A ruddy, irritable, rude dwarf.

Ratio of (Number of people who came to my poster)/(Number I thought would come): ~20

Number of sessions I skipped to go shopping: 4