Thursday, March 01, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

Not So Little Sister says I'm it. Voilà!

1. I can't bear to have anything around my wrists due to too many years of labwork.

2. I am a two time all-state spelling champion (all evidence to the contrary). I used to find this utterly mortifying.

3. Not only do I have the same birthday as Prudence, but my father and his brother have the same birthday.

4. My mother-in-law's name is Jennifer.* This has caused some confusion.

5. Despite how I and my Presbyterian spouse think most of the Torah is a nice story with some allegorical moral lessons, we keep kosher and don't use electricity (or cook or write or slaughter animals or all the other melachot) on Shabbat.

6. Despite the fact that I have an excellent short-term and long-term memory at work, at home I regularly forget where I left things, whether I turned off the iron, and whether something is about to catch fire in the kitchen.

Anyone else? Shira? Jokerine? Nicole? Rachel and/or Henry? (I'm too shy to tag people. Really. Okay, Shira and Mike, you can stop laughing now.)

*Not really. I never use anyone's real names. But it's that close to mine.