Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Unpublished Editorial Comments (The Bad Mood Continues)

Chers Messieurs et Mesdames les auteurs,

Endnote is your very best friend. References in numerical order as they appear. Why? Why is this so hard?

Please note, o native English speakers, that some words sound alike but have different meanings! Transferrin is not the same as transferring, the effect of your grammar is dismay, and it affects my decision to reject your paper. Likewise, while the principal often has principles, cells rarely do.

I am fascinated to hear that when something dissolves it is attenuated. You don't say. I am also thrilled to read that your device was chronically embedded. I hear acute embedding can be fatal.

To the authors who had a friend translate your paper: Don't.

Je reste, très respectueusement et avec toute amitié, la vôtre,

Jeanne F. laChercheuse, l'éditrice.