Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Library: A Week In Pictures

Dear Readers,

My snarkiness can find no appropriate science text at present. Therefore, I break with tradition and present you with pictures-and-narrative. Next week, we return to our regularly scheduled Dead Professor Books.

It was cold.

So I took a rather enormous amount of grains and seeds-
Granola 1

-and turned them into Spousal-Weight-Sustaining Granola. Rather a lot.
Note to self: 2 pounds sunflower seeds = overkill.
Granola 2

I looked at some plants.
This quince wished it had stayed dormant.
Quince Spruce
And the spruce is none too happy either.

This is much prettier now that the wasps are gone.
Wasp nest

I saw some buildings.


Eventually I had to stop taking pictures and go to work.

This is where equipment goes to die.

Our dishwasher is on semi-strike because she hates us.
And we can't fire her. Ah, unions.

This one's for Juliane. ;)

But enough of lab; my experiments hate me. So I went home and
dumped all my fabric on the floor:
Fabric disaster

So that, in a fit of mania, I could compulsively sort and label it all.
Again, Mr. S was frightened.
And boxed fabric

I took a long walk specifically to bring you this picture:
Yes, they certainly do.

And then finally this week was over. Good night.
Here's hoping the next one's better.