Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Week...19 or so

 Hello long lost friends! I emerge from New Job briefly to give updates. 

New Job is, as promised, very flexible, and truly encourages strict 40 hour work weeks and taking time off whenever you need or want.  My co workers are,  in fact,  fantastic to work with, and my boss is especially great.  My work is varied,  interesting, engaging, independent,  and well supported when I need it. 

 Not every single thing is roses: there's one person I have to work with fairly regularly whom I don't much like.  But my boss,  I think,  dropped in her ear that I have a PhD from Snooty U, and she's been much more polite since then.  And the other day something went down in production just before a client session, which was not fun, but it was not the end of the world. 

The children have mostly adapted to Mommy Is Home But Working; the little one (almost 8!) has a babysitter to entertain her three afternoons a week and I get off early the other two.  

The piles of money are very nice and we are doing some serious house renovation,  including gutting my least favorite bathroom next year. 

The spouse is dying under the weight of Double Biochem but my feeling is still,  your department HAD a qualified and talented teacher and the university did sweet fuck all to keep me so sucks to be all of you,  pals.  (Everyone had to take an overload because I quit and they didn't manage to hire a replacement.)

Things are otherwise pretty good! My plants need to be pruned and I need to clean the house,  but that's always true. 

I worked the last election (I'm an "officer of election") and four different young people told me it was their first time voting because they'd just turned 18! Some of them asked me how to fill out the ballot and two asked if they should sign it (NO!!- the machine actually will reject it). The referendum I helped get on the local ballot passed by a 65/35 ratio.  

I should probably feel worse about my spouse being snowed under but I just make dinner a lot. 

How are YOU?


  1. That all sounds fantastic! I'm glad the job is going great and yay for your referendum!

  2. Socal Dendrite12:47 PM

    Happy for this update and so glad it is going well!

  3. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Glad to hear that it is going well! Maybe sucks a bit for your husband but that's his employer's fault, not yours.


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