Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Kid, Spouse, and Mom presents

(Inspired by the Grumpies' post.)

Hanukkah is coming up  right after Thanksgiving and, though we don't usually get the kids big things, that just means we have to think of eight different little things

So far we have, in no particular order, for each kid:

  • Fuzzy slipper socks
  • A bar of fancy chocolate 
  • Some item of comfy clothes that they requested
  • Magic cards (the game, not the rabbit from a hat kind)
  • A bag full of cheetos and doritos snack packs
And then for everyone:

  • A set of ingredients for me to make 'bath truffles' and bath bombs with them (they love these with an unholy passion)
  • A sushi lunch out for everyone during Hanukkah (this is probably the one bigger-cost item; they eat hundreds of dollars of sushi when we take them out)
  • A jar of Ovaltine (nostalgia from my childhood!  my mother was irrationally against chocolate)
  • A large box of fancy beans and seasonings from Rancho Gordo (mostly for me and the spouse)
  • Three different new cheese slicers
  • A large bag of Reese's cups (why??? I don't even remember ordering this)
  • Kid 1 and I are making homemade churros with chocolate sauce
And miscellaneous:
  • A watch for Kid 3 so she can go to the playground alone and come home for dinner
  • A writing journal for Kid 2 who's been writing an elaborate story
  • Probably a pair of headphones for Kid 1, who's done in 3 pairs so far this year
  • Some nice markers for the younger kids
  • A beanie for Kid 1, who likes to wear his current extremely cheap one all the time
  • Another one of my spouse's favorite cozy sweater
  • A pair of comfy, warm leggings for my mother, who is - bless her- too cheap to buy them for herself
  • Whatever else I ordered from Target while not really paying attention, and which will arrive on my doorstep in a series of boxes
  • I bought myself a pair of filigree earrings off Etsy because I am impossible to shop for
I hope the kids don't feel too deprived but also... this is a lot.

Anything fantastic on your present lists?


  1. That is a lot!

    Might I suggest a sushi-making kit? We got one for DC1 a few years back at Barnes and Noble and it definitely gets use. (Sometimes we use it more than we do sushi take-out, some years we do more take-out). We mostly do veggie (avocado!) and cooked sushi and come up with creative things like chicken salad and apple rolls.

    1. We already have one! They're very fond of making sushi too.

  2. As a rule, I am also impossible to shop for because 1. Presents aren't that important to me and 2. If I want something, I just buy it. However, I added a foot massage machine to my Amazon wish list recently. I then discovered I'd added the EXACT same machine to this list TWO years ago! Apparently, I actually want something this year.

    1. There you go! Finally, something your spouse could buy! Though sometimes I just tell mine I'm getting myself a present. I usually get myself something at the art gallery for my birthday. But also, like you, presents are not that important to me.


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