Friday, September 03, 2021

Time for the "I Told You So" sign

 Even NZ couldn't keep covid out forever (though their current outbreak of 724 cases to date is called 'a Monday' in practically any US state).

Nevertheless?  I totally told you so


  1. Socal dendrite12:25 PM

    Yes: I am frankly horrified that NZ hasn't used their hard-won advantage to immunize the heck out of their population. Surely they couldn't think that their approach (while highly successful in the short term) could last long term? You can't keep borders closed forever.

    1. I kind of think they did mistake past performance for future results. Then there's Australia and their endless lockdown, which is very obviously not actually containing transmission. It's all delusional, and I exempt nowhere from this.

    2. Australia has had fewer deaths in the past week as a country than my county (which has a tiny fraction of their population) has... so they're not doing so terribly.

    3. But they can't do months long lockdown forever, and they aren't vaccinating people fast enough. I agree compared to the U.S. and UK practically everywhere looks better, but meanwhile Australia is also planning to give up on their elimination strategy and reopen once vaccines hit 70% in over-16s, which is not going to go well - just ask the South. Thinking that enough lockdowns would eliminate viral transmission in the long run is delusional.

      Meanwhile we did in 1/4 of our vulnerable elders and aren't done yet, way for America to really live out those "pro-life" ideals.


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