Thursday, January 28, 2021

On Being Inclusive

 One of the parts of my job is helping run intro lab, which is usually mostly made up of first-year students.  For a variety of boring reasons, about one in five of the first-years is terribly under-prepared for Intro Chem.  (It tends to be, disproportionately, people who went to not-great high schools.) 

Over the years, I've tried to get them to be more comfortable asking for help. (They are wee 18-year-old children, and so the less-wealthy ones haven't quite figured out that it is my literal job to answer the same question 50 times a week.  These are also the ones who need the most help.)  I introduce myself!  I tell them I'm there for all their questions!  

The purple hair seems to have made a big difference too.  Are cranky middle-aged women with purple hair more approachable?  Or maybe I've finally reached the age where I remind them of their mothers.


  1. Purple hair is definitely more approachable. Despite being immensely boring in my approach to personal appearance, even I'm contemplating dying my hair an unusual colour just as a break from the monotony of this pandemic.

    1. DO IT! Totally worth it. I used pravana, which was great; my hair is kind of barely blonde and I didn't even have to bleach it. (I did have to bleach the purple out of the entire bathroom the first time though. I've gotten better.)


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