Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Current Pandemic Status

Excited that tomorrow I have to drive an hour each way to get my allergy shots (for reasons) because I get to be somewhere ELSE, all ALONE, for a whole afternoon.

What brought you joy lately?


  1. Going to work for 3 hours. 3 hours NOT AT HOME. 3 hours not supervising small boy's education AND attempting to design electronic control systems simultaneously. 3 hours without preparing a meal, cleaning up after a meal, doing laundry, hanging laundry out, bringing laundry in, cleaning another sticky surface (where is the extra stickiness coming from?).

    1. Maaaaaan I wish I had an excuse to go to work! (Teaching doesn't start again until August so I can't quite get away with it.)

  2. I bought a new fire pit and have had 3 fires in the last few weeks. Also, I found a good recipe for piña colada and make it sometimes. I've been reading a concerning amount of clean regency romance novels (some have decent writing, many do not) but they're popcorn reading and bring me joy.

  3. Last week I might have had an answer for this but I'm just sort of bleak today. Sunshine yesterday, that's about it.


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