Tuesday, August 06, 2019

A Feeling of Flailing

As I may have mentioned, I have a new job starting in one month. I'm teaching classes in my speciality, BUT the whole curriculum already exists. Also, the person who teaches the other half of the sections - and has all the materials! - is my spouse, who is a) completely overwhelmed with other work and b) out of town.

I sat down today to look at the syllabus (dates completely messed up), the slides (about 10% are mysteriously blank?!?!), and the other materials (just kidding, nobody sent me that yet). I have a plan and notebooks and I know mostly what I need to do and this is the thing I know the most about in the WHOLE WORLD and yet I suddenly feel extremely not competent. Adventure! I asked for this! Gaaaaaah!


  1. It's uncomfortable to feel under-prepared! Some of your teaching prep may have to wait until the spouse is back in town. The first couple classes are low-key anyway, right?


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