Sunday, June 23, 2019

Suspension of Disbelief, x2

1) Now I have a migraine. Doubting the herbs' preventive properties and attributing it to the steroid taper. Bah.

2) Today I was reading a book featuring interdimensional  travel, magic, and aliens.... when someone sprayed a silver chloride solution.


I mean, look, make up a universe with totally different rules, but if you're going to change fundamental chemical principles.... that's gotta be on purpose!

(Silver chloride is almost completely insoluble in water.)


  1. Perhaps it wasn't an aqueous solution. I do understand your concern, fictional universe rules are one thing, messing with scientific principles are something else entirely.

    1. It's not soluble in organics either! It's a lattice property that makes it stick together too strongly to dissolve except in, like, nitric. But I expect the author just didn't think about it. NaCl is soluble after all...

    2. Authors are not generally known to be chemistry experts!


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