Friday, March 01, 2019

Intersecting Functions

I just quit one of my three jobs.*  This is the convenient, lucrative, but extremely boring one where I am paid $$$$ to babysit lab.  However!  I am so bored of doing it that boredom as a function of time has risen exponentially, to a point where its function has overtaken the money.

Five years, it turns out, is how long I can cheerfully do a dead-boring job that pays really well. 

(And it also suffered from a recent last straw and hey!  I never have to interact with that guy again!)

In the near-ish future I will probably be offered a full time job Elsewhere* and have applied for a different, even better full time job at Elsewhere which, I have reason to think, they will likely interview me for.**  So!  Things are changing! 

Two years ago, I decided I wanted a job at Elsewhere.  I took online classes!  I wrote a grant!  I worked my rear off on a course redesign!  I did lab protocols and discussions and took a third job and all of these things were aimed at one goal: get job at Elsewhere by August 2020, when Sweetpea goes to kindergarten.

I didn't really expect the sudden acceleration, but it's gratifying to have an effort produce an effect.

* But not until May because academia.
** Long story which I cannot relate.
*** Same, largely.


  1. Ooh, good luck at Elsewhere.
    Also, Dinosaur Dude's letter is.. well, it's something. Good riddance.

    1. I ran into him on the elevator today and he was all cheerful and matter of fact! I think he doesn't even REALIZE it was offensive!!!


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