Friday, February 15, 2019

Placeholder for less vague updates

I quit one of my jobs this week. I'm finishing the semester and I'm out. Hurrah!

I'm interviewing for another job, which would be full time but not permanent. My co-workers are all desperately curious but I can't talk about it at ALL. No, really, guys, not at all.

I'm keeping my current second job because I'm in the middle of a big, successful joint project with someone else whom I a) like and work well with and b) don't want to ditch. And it's going so well! New Maybe Job is okay with this and would schedule around it.

(My current third job - no, I'm not joking- is only this semester. Thank goodness. The constant rushing about is extremely wearing.)

My oldest kid has been stealing small stuff from friends. This has inspired despair but also a future post about the stuff that I know I'm doing right.

Also! Turns out having two jobs pays more!

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