Thursday, July 19, 2018

I Sure Hope They Remember This Stuff

I have just returned from dragging the children off to the eastern part of the Midwest for a week (to visit my college roommate and her family); it was predictably bonkers (five children, three adults, one dog, one cat, one small house) but fun.  They enjoyed the Great Lake and the water slide, possibly not in that order.

In two weeks I am dragging them off to the nearest attractive bit of the Atlantic Ocean, where I have booked an airb&b that appears acceptable.  (There was one dude who was 100% shady and at least 50/50 on being an axe murderer.  The other 50% probability belongs to "Russian bot", based on the spelling, so who knows.)  My very patient mother is coming with me; we are staying two nights.

The amount of mental energy, logistics, necessary items, and time involved in taking three young children anywhere is kind of mind-boggling.  I really, really hope they are enjoying these trips (I am... mostly....) because by the end of the summer I am going to be All Out of Planning Capacity.


  1. I'm sure they'll look back and remember these trips as a highlight of their childhood! My kids seem to use trips as bookmarks in their memories. Even when things go wrong, it becomes a story to tell later. Way to go, getting everyone out of their comfort zone!

  2. Well it's less comfort zone and more my somewhat fragile health, i.e. catching a cold on the plane, getting two migraines, and then developing a sinus infection followed by another *"@_$# migraine requiring a ride to urgent care with five kids in tow followed by twenty hours in bed, during which my patient college roommate got to wrangle ALL THE KIDS... and I'm still washing beach sand out of everything we own. But the kids had a great time and I'm glad we went.


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