Saturday, January 06, 2018

Hello, Maybe I Am Coming Back

For.... reasons.  (I may continue to complain, privately, elsewhere; but...)

Here is a series of updates:

  • I taught bio again
  • I got sick again
  • I got carried out of work on a stretcher and it was not awesome
  • I met my out of pocket maximum after four months again
  • I got better mostly
  • Not keeping kosher any more has improved my life greatly, because dinner is 75% easier
  • I kind-of-accidentally adopted five students from Mountain U (where I teach), which, if you know where it really is, is pretty hilarious, and yes, they all call me ma'am
  • We feed them dinner every Sunday now
  • They ate eight pounds of chicken one Sunday - four of them
  • I finished my house renovation and will eventually post a picture once I hang the hat racks
  • Sweetpea turned three
  • We had 31 people over for her party/brunch/excuse to invite people over
  • It was a surprisingly large amount of fun
  • I bought enough wire shelving to organize all our tools
  • I need the students to come over and move furniture (before I feed them dinner) some weekend
  • The spouse got a very large grant
  • We are both probably-almost-certainly going to Australia this summer because his grant has travel funds and because I *can* so why not
  • The sabbatical plan is currently to spend a summer (as in 3 months) in Scandinavia, because why not
  • This will be in three more years
  • I am still working on an IT certificate thing in the hopes that I can escape my job, one day, or at least trade it in for another job
  • Tatoe is learning to READ
  • Sweetpea is going to daycare 4 days (until 3:30) a week and I get Fridays alllll to myself (between 8:50 and 3:30 at least)
  • This is delightful and I feel only 10% guilty
  • A friend is expecting twins in the spring so I will be able to hold all the babies I want to, probably
  • Not having a baby in the house any more is completely amazing and I will never miss all the incredibly hard, wearing, impossible parts, never as long as I live.


  1. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I would be happy if you were back! I liked reading your blog... very relatable. :)

  2. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Nice to see you back :)
    In part because I never managed to properly follow the other site...


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