Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Update: job was earmarked for someone *else's* trapped spouse.  I'm beginning to think my spouse will have to apply for jobs elsewhere, to force them to actually interview me for... anything. 

(I did decline to apply for an encore performance at the Religious Director position, on the grounds of not wanting to put myself in the middle of a huge academic-politics argument.  Also, I'm still pretty annoyed with the people who... are that person's bosses.)

Also, due to academic calendar shenanigans, there are three weeks at the end of the semester when I have, essentially, NO babysitting.  Aaaaarrggh.

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  1. Socal dendrite1:21 PM

    Yes. Your spouse absolutely should apply to jobs elsewhere and use that as leverage. I know many people who did this successfully even though they had no real intention of moving. It's a pain in the ass and a horrible waste of all sorts of people's time but kinda what you have to do since your U is not being helpful.


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