Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hi, It's Been A Bit (Ten Minute Blogging)

*waves* Hello, I have been spending all my time writing lecture notes (turns out you can't just... show up... and talk for 45 minutes; that goes badly), grading, and speaking politely but firmly to my elected representatives.

One of them is so terrible that, although I will still call their office, I am looking into starting a PAC solely to unseat him.  So help me, I'll try. 

I went and saw ANOTHER specialist.  Dear readers, let me say only that he mansplained IgE to me.  That will tell you how helpful this person was.  (Also, he assumed I was enrolled in biology, rather than TEACHING it.  A sincere fuck you, dude.) 

I am maybe in 90% less pain (which is a big improvement, and yet...) and at about 75% of normal function.  I can't really use my left shoulder for anything heavier than a small watermelon.  You will immediately note that a two year old is heavier than a small watermelon.

I have applied for another job in Judging How Well Things Do Things to Other Things.  I have heard nothing. The spouse's co-worker would be my immediate boss.  I alternate between 'this is fine' about my current job and 'but how many more years of this do I have in me, is one the answer?'  I... no, I can't wait until Sweetpea is in kindergarten, people, which will be in THREE AND A HALF more years.  No.  Something has to change before that. 

I kind of like lecturing. But also, for reasons, I hate it some. Most of those reasons are 'teaching only non-science-majors.'  They don't care.  I don't care.  Why the fuck are we titrating again?  I don't even know, kids.  Titrate faster so we can all go home. 


  1. Anonymous5:04 AM

    "turns out you can't just... show up... and talk for 45 minutes"

    I do often feel like that's what I do...

    1. well... I should add 'in a course with eight sections where everyone takes the same test and the curriculum is set by a committee'. Otherwise my lectures would be a LOT more interesting (plant root anatomy, who cares?)


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