Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FMB: Holding Pattern

1. Hi, it's me.  Well!  Those four months of stabbing pain were very unpleasant! I'd like to never do that again!  Allergy shots, a little humanized antibody, about nine prescriptions, and a lot of misery later... I feel like I've been ill for months.

2. My Very Mild Job Discontent continues.  It's boring.  They pay me.  It's convenient.  The end.

3.  Boredom is exacerbated by being too ill to do much.  (I did read through all of Shadow Unit!  Warning: this is a very disturbing paranormal horror series; it was preferable to the amount of pain I was in, which was an actual nightmare, but... it's very disturbing.)

4.  Tatoe is five this week.

5.  My youngest sister came to the US for a week. I didn't see her.  This is the one who came by to say BYEEE the day before she moved out of the country, then nothing for the last 15 months. In the meanwhile, she summoned up the energy to find a dude to screw and move in with.  Of course, I didn't bother to do a lot of reaching out either; my three months of that before she left (met with crickets), I think, reached my capacity.  I don't know if I'm just in a permanent sulk about the whole thing, or acknowledging the reality that this relationship is broken beyond my capacity to want it to be better.  Or... both.


  1. Does this mean the pain is now an ex-pain? It's actually no longer present? Because if so, that deserves at least a "woohoo!"

    1. Well, NO, but it's down to intermittent moderate pain! Some days I only have as much headache as any normal person might have! Entire 12 hour stretches have elapsed without me requiring analgesia!

  2. 1. Hello! I keep meaning to email you sometime. That still could happen, I need to write it on my to-do list. Also, you have been ill for months. I'm glad you're feeling mostly better!

    2. Oh, jobs. They are often boring. At least this one is convenient. Patrick also complains of boredom (he fixes bicycles too easily now), but at least he can switch to something else within Bicycles Company. Also, there are large buckets of money.

    3. I can see how debilitating pain would keep you from your preferred methods of boredom relief (planting ALL the things!) That sucks a whole lot.

    4. Happy Birthday T!

    5. There are no words. Hopefully she will grow up in 10 years and you two can start again.

  3. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Well, I'm glad the pain is better. Chronic pain is just awful.
    Sorry about the situation with your sister. This just sucks. One of my brothers doesn't come to visit my dad, because he doesn't talk to his new wife (neither of them is being particularly mature about this, but said new wife by now has a bad track record with basically everyone in the family, so... it's not just him) and this is painful enough. The rest of us are in what you very well describe as a permanent sulk about the situation with her. I wish I had any helpful advice.


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