Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Job Qualities

There aren't a lot of job openings around here.  But even so, whenever I see something, I ask myself: is this better than nothing?  I don't need to work, so will this job improve my net quality of life?

Two hour daily commute: Worse than nothing.

Primarily customer service: Way worse than nothing.

Pays less than $25/hour: Probably worse than nothing.

Local: Odds increasing of being better than nothing.

Local, but in [department redacted]: Definitely worse than nothing; they interviewed 20 people in person for a low-level retail job.  No, really.

Local, but [job I applied for two years ago]: Working with these people is -100 points worse than nothing.

Local, but part-time and always last-minute: Who can say?  Oh wait, this IS my current job.  It is fine once they sort out the contracts (note this happened 15 days before classes started, this year).  The inevitable scrambling for childcare is extremely frustrating, but the job itself is not terrible; it has 1) zero room for change and 2) zero room for advancement, but it's better than being stuck at home with my children all day..

(This is all theoretical. I am still stuck concurrently in Knife In Ear Headache Land, and Dead End Adjuncting.)

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