Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm Boring Right Now

At the present moment I am full of blah (viruses), general woe (terrible yet mysterious food allergy reaction this week complete with throwing up at midnight!), fatigue (children plus illness), guilt (over weaning which NO I STILL haven't done), sadness (wheeeeere are all my friends, everyone here hates me (?)), loneliness (all children all the time), and boredom (I want more job!  I hate housewifery!).  Also frustration because all children all the time.


  1. I love you. Today the boys were off of school and I needed some time alone. I locked myself in my bedroom until they could NOT ask me for something for 5 minutes. I think it took an hour. We love the children, but sometimes they need to GO AWAY.

    1. Thank you. I miss you. My children REALLY need to go away. Also the spouse spent 54 hours physically at work this week including a 15 hour day for Reasons and it was Not Good.

  2. Sounds more Unfairly Tormented by Life than boring, but I guess being tormented by life must be pretty damn boring by now, huh?

  3. Belle4:19 AM

    Boring you are not! But very much loved, yes, all the time! Who else gives me detailed gardening advice, for which I still have yet to thank you?


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