Monday, December 07, 2015

State of the Self, 10:30 PM, With Wine

HEADACHE: Mostly gone.  Hearing probably also 5% reduced, but I'll take that over a perpetual knife in the ear.  Let's say a 2.

F@#$ING MASTITIS: Persists as milk blister.  Imagine a blister in a sensitive area and, well, it's about as fun as that.  3.5.

WORK FRUSTRATION:  A solid 6 for reasons I will not discuss, owing to my desire to stay employed.  Also frustrating: the fact that I do not enjoy or value most of my daily work of cooking, cleaning, and general contracting secondary to subsidizing my spouse's career.  This Too Is A Phase.

CHILDREN: Continue to injure each other in appalling ways (no, I do not let them bully each other, but I cannot be constantly physically present with three children).  Latest: head slammed in door.  Ranging from 2 to 'It goes to  eleven. "

BABY: Sweet, endearing, and yet SO high maintenance.  I wonder if I will ever adapt to the reality of having a third child.  Maybe when she can walk and talk?  (Current words: DA- dog/cat/squirrel; NA NA- milk/mommy/feed me, peons).  The baby year is just so darn hard, people.

FUCKING DEPRESSED: Enjoying a renaissance thanks to Where Are My Real Friends Here, I Want R and N, WAAAAAH.  Prescription: more exercise, more free time (HA), more gardening (double ha).

NO F@#%ING STOVE: Have I mentioned I've had no stove for TWO months?  Yes.  It's kind of like going to the post office: anything involving more than a certain number of steps rapidly becomes asymptotic to 'impossible'.  Now I must visit a metal shop during business hours, procure a 36 x 2 5/8" strip, sand it, and paint it black.  This makes three stove tops, four trips to the hardware store, and three electricians.


  1. AT least the headache is abating the baby is endearing. That's two positives. And the rest? My heartfelt sympathy. I've spent the last 18 hours more or less perpetually in tears, for reasons that are considerably more minor than most of yours, so I'll just stick with sympathy. And extra-double sympathy for the fact that, yes, the baby year is really, really bloody hard. But then it's over, so at least there's that.

  2. We miss you up here in Cold City! Any chance you'll be going to spouse's home town? We'll be there the week of Christmas and could probably work a catch up and baby introduction!

  3. Why, after children exit one annoying phase, must they enter another one? Sorry to hear about the head-in-door. It's totally happened here too. I've taken to sending the children to their separate rooms as a precaution during the witching times (especially dinner prep.) All their favorite toys are in their bedrooms, so it's not a punishment. C2 listens to Harry Potter on CD in his room for hours. It's glorious. Perhaps your kids would like books on CD, or mp3.

    I owe you a long email, I should have time tomorrow!

    1. Strangely, that makes me feel better (it's not just me!). Tonight I said to Dr. S "They're about to start fighting" and then two seconds later they knocked over my crystal menorah and got sent to their rooms.


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