Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Good, Not Good, Both, Surreal

Living in a very (VERY) small town means it takes me five minutes to get to work.

It also means that ten minutes before I am standing before a room of college  students using my Listen Up I'm In Charge Here Loud Voice, I have a nursing baby in my arms. Right before I run out the door.  (They have all, by the way, been properly trained to call me Dr. Scientist this year.)

In a few months, it'll be easier.  If I'm still doing this next year, it'll be fine  (and maybe she'll even be weaned).  Right now it is strange and transitionless and jarring.


  1. I'm within walking distance of nursery, which is half-way between home and my office. It's also on one of two streets leading to downtown, which means there is A LOT of foot traffic towards the university in the mornings.

    Only once has a student spotted me running down the hill flailing my arms shouting "help, help, I'm being chased by a leopard, help, help, it's going to eat me!" while Gwen runs shrieking behind me. Only once, thank goodness. And thank goodness for the few minutes of transition nursery affords me. I go in Mom, I come out University Lecturer.

    [aryanhwy; LJ credentials failing to be verified.]

    1. Jenny F Scientist1:25 PM

      Run, the Gwen leopard is coming! The spouse's students see him chkd wrangling all the time. Since he's a dude, I don't think it affects his authority in the same way, and is probably good for them.

      (I checked and it won't let ME comment with my LJ credentials either. So I blame Blogger. I did look into it- it seems to be a programming issue on the back end which, unfortunately, can't fix myself.)

    2. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Okay, try it now? I changed some things and am running all the comment through moderation. Apparently the check box and LJ can't play nicely.


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