Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of Peevishness 5

Hypocrites!  Republicans who take food stamps. (Nobody should go hungry, but neither should they walk out clutching their EBT cards and declaiming against everyone ELSE who receives this benefit.). Democrats who evade taxes.  Libertarians who oppose marriage equality but support state sanctioning of straight people getting married.  Members of the military who oppose government health care (VA system and DoD/tricare are the biggest payor provider in the country and 9.1 million vets were enrolled in the VA system alone in 2014).  People who get their knickers in a twist about some aspect of modern medicine (edit: by which I mean, like people who won't vaccinate, or who think Science Can't Show Anything) and yet willingly take antibiotics.

Some days, I'm pretty sure that I just hate people.

Your turn for annoyance!  It's one of those weeks. No complaints too petty.


  1. HEY! I get my knickers in a twist about aspects of modern medicine (OBs! Overcautious and annoying! But yes, I would rather jump through your hoops than revert to obstetrics practices of even 10 years ago!) and take antibiotics! But I think what makes me tolerable is that I am fully aware that I'm a hypocrite about a great many things. E.g., Am hostile about people with no regard for the environment BUT order tons of stuff off Amazon so a giant truck has to drive to my house!

    Today: People who take the elevator ONE floor. I know, some of them have perfectly physical limitations that are not visible, but COME ON.

    1. That came out a little unclear. What I meant is people who selectively ignore solid evidence and who are, say, SOOO WORRIED about vaccine safety that they do some stupid one at a time thing and yet it doesn't even occur to them that antibiotics can be dangerous. So totally NOT you. A reasonable skepticism about the strength of a dubious recommendation is in a completely different ballpark.

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Relatives who send surprise boxes of non-birthday presents containing gifts for only one of a household's non-newborn children. DON'T. DO. THAT.

    1. Jenny F Scientist5:19 PM

      So not cool.


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