Monday, June 01, 2015

Five Minute Blogging : The Gift of Single Parenthood

Dr. S is at a conference... for a week.  Naturally, I went and stayed with my mama for three days. Also naturally, my children didn't get enough sleep and are crazed tiny weasels.  And I managed to pull off at the exit where a tractor trailer had juuuust overturned.... And after being home for three hours, I'd had three hours of children screaming, crying, or both.  And I have to do three more days of this, or four if my mom can't make it up here on Friday.  And I have to wash the dishes and take out the compost and pack lunches and bathe all three children and put all three children to bed (instead of just the baby) and drop Bug off at school AND pick him up (NONE of which I normally do).  And it's forecast to rain all week.

While I was at my parents' house, we were talking about wedding planning for my middle sister's second wedding (to someone also celebrating a second wedding) and all the attendant family heartburn.  (Do I have to go???? She didn't come to my wedding.  Also all my mom's craaaaazy sisters are coming.  Also my mom hates the officiant and my future BIL's relatives mainly don't speak English.)

 And it made me think that, though I was pretty young when I married (24!), Dr. S is a keeper.  He really pulls his weight with the kids and with house chores even though he works full time and I don't. I may have been young and stupid, like we all are, but I picked a damn good partner.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    A week or two ago I stared down the realization that it was our 11th anniversary -- for some reason, 11 seems a lot more than 10! 22-year-old me certainly had no idea what her life had in store, but, like you, I somehow managed to pick exactly the right partner. Whenever he's gone, it always amazes me how quickly dishes pile up. They just aren't on my radar, because he always does them before I even think about it. And this week I was the one who left him behind to single parent, and not only can he step up to the task when needed, he does it well, AND he never made me feel guilty about the fact that I could've come home a day and a half earlier than I did, instead of getting two glorious days all to myself in Prague. He's definitely a keeper too. :)

    1. Seriously. Three cheers for good partners. All those things? Dishes, bath, etc? He does them all every day and never complains.

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    This was a lovely post: I am joining in with the cheers for awesome partners :-)


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