Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear new mom I met at LLL,

I invited you to our baby playgroup out of kindness because I remember how hard and lonely it is to suddenly go from working full time to a short maternity leave.

You took it upon yourself to invite four people - one of whom I dislike intensely, two of whom I barely know, and one of whom 'just isn't okay with the CDC vaccination schedule' to the house of someone YOU don't even know.  In addition, thirty seconds' thought would tell you that I have MET these people, and perhaps I didn't invite them ON PURPOSE.

It's true that two other moms invited one extra person each- people they know and I don't.  It's also true that they invited these people to their OWN homes.

Way to get yourself rapidly uninvited to, oh, everything in the future.  Learn some manners and a social grace or three.


Don't Write And Don't Call


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    OH NEW MOM. You blew it. But at least you revealed yourself really quickly as being totally undesirable. Thank you for inviting her, though. I will be New Mom in a bit, and always felt very shut out of everyone's thing. Seemed like everyone knew each other or had plenty of friends and the time required to get to know people is so long and then bam, back to work.

    1. Slightly nuts, possibly due to sleep deprivation. I was trying!


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