Monday, March 09, 2015

Return of Five Minute Blogging: Slightly More Graceful

Dear Readers, though life with an infant still feels like someone stuffed my head with cotton and dipped my life in cold honey, it's somehow not as bad as I remember.  It's probably all the things: living in a small town where people help each other out a lot, living closer to my parents (my mother folded my laundry and took my children outside while I napped, this weekend), finally having a reasonable income (postdoc salaries for four people are an exercise in frugality), and... finally feeling like I know what I'm doing.   Dr. S reminded me that we never let Bug cry as a baby without picking him up.  At this moment, Sweetpea is crying, and in five minutes I will pick her up and nurse her.  But in the meanwhile, she'll be fine.  I feel much less trapped than I did with either of the boys.  The weather her is much warmer, of course, which helps; but also I feel like I can see when it will get better.

(Also, I suppose the first month was so dreadful that anything seems like an improvement.  I fell asleep yesterday - for a nap! - without pharmaceutical assistance for the first time in nine weeks!  I am finally not taking any more controlled substances!  Pursuant to which, I did try to see a psychiatrist, but there is only ONE in town who doesn't work for the [dreadful] community services board, and his voicemail was full and he was out of town.  Meanwhile, I seem to have sorted out my mental health myself, so bah, whatever.)

The snow has melted!  My flowers are sprouting!  I'm about to dig up a hillside and plant an enormous flower bed!  (This is only somewhat unreasonably ambitious.  The co-op gardening plans, which start with "dig up 100 sf peony bed", are maybe fairly unreasonably ambitious.  But we did it last year!)

And so onwards.


  1. Socal dendrite10:30 PM

    So glad things are looking up! And especially yay for the nap :-D

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    OMG, no controlled substances! And a nap! These are huge things.

    There are some faint springish signs here--the RIDICULOUS mountain of snow has melted and we are able to take walks on the SIDEWALK again (People. Shovel you walk. If I can, you can. There are pedestrians in the world, you know.) That said, I shudder at the thought of digging up anything enormous. You are mighty!


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