Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One handed woes

I had forgotten the intense frustration of NO HANDS with which to communicate with the world.  

Tongue tie problems mostly resolved, though Righty still has problems.  Contemplating whether ; LC would help enough to be worth bother, as sometimes it's okay.  Problem: Babies are lazy and have tiny mouths. Solution: keep trying.

Tatoe is being a complete nightmare (i.e. reactively, clingy and needy); unfortunate feedback loop where the more he screams, the less I want to do aaaaanything with him.  Also see: lack of sleep.

Bug is still hitting Tatoe and Tatoe is still doing the I'm-being-murdered shriek, except now he's extended it to "I'm frustrated about Legos" and "I can't find my teddy".  

The higher dose of antidepressant - to deal with the weepy anxiety which left me sleepless - made me un-weepy, but prone to startle awake ever 20 minutes at the least noise (e.g.: furnace fan coming on). FAIL.  Trying lower dose as I'd rather be depressed but able to sleep.  

Very much hoping that the unable-to-sleep gets resolved before February, i.e. when my mom has to return to her own job/life.  Trying to arrange school pickup for Bug because benzodiazapenes and cars don't mix.

Good things, lest you think I am nothing but WOEFUL: my family helping, my friends helping, healthy and mostly happy baby, mainly decent health insurance, a very helpful spouse, my sister who came down to help, lots of tasty meals that I didn't cook, and the luxury to spend a month doing nothing but feeding the baby.

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  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Yiiiiiiiikes. Sounds like things are still royally hard. Hurrah for unchanging levels of hardness. Now that I can look back with compassion, I can sort of appreciate what it must have been like for my older child to have a tiny baby insert itself into the family. But that's two and a half years later. I look forward to Tatoe enjoying adjusting as quickly as possible, and maybe even enjoying his sister in a few years.


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