Wednesday, December 24, 2014


39 weeks.  WATERMELON.
I am now a full watermelon.   "How do you feel?" everyone asks.  Insert words inappropriate for my small children to hear.  My children are out of school for two weeks and I want to lay on the floor.  GREAT!

Bug is going through an unfortunate whining-and-lying phase right now - probably related to how Mama is not entirely present - and my patience is the size of a FLEA.
My spouse persists in his delusion that he will not have to take any time off teaching, not even, say, two days.

Eeeeeevvvverything hurts.  However, at least I don't have weird double vision!  Or migraines!  And the baby is fine!  Please, let her make an exit SOON.


  1. I can only express my total sympathy. Kidlet was 5 days late. 5 days! And kiddo decided to be super clingy and it was very hot! On Halloween! Ugh. So much sympathy. I hope she exits soon!

    1. SRSLY! Tatoe was 6 days late. SIX! Second children aren't supposed to be LATE!

  2. Danni4:54 PM

    Since we're sharing....

    I'm a 36 week watermelon. My spouse is also insistent he will not need to cancel more than maybe one class. He will apparently just work from home the other days, which he has been incapable of doing since FOREVER. "I can't focus because the dishwasher is running", "why is she [our toddler] so loud?!", on and on.
    We moved this past week because we're clearly nuts! But also because we needed space. I too just want to lay on the floor but when I do my toddler jumps on me because she thinks I'm playing a game.

    Oh and I agreed to co-teach a special topics class for which my portion starts mid-February. About 3 weeks post baby. Ha!

    I hope she makes an exit soon for your sake...and to give me hope.

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Hey watermelon! At least you look great, even if you feel like utter hell. Perhaps your spouse would like to take all the children with him to class. That might change his mind about the relative merits of taking time off vs. getting classes covered.


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