Monday, December 15, 2014

I Am Considering A Nervous Breakdown

1) You know what made my life a lot happier?  NOT being with my children for a few hours each day.  I really, REALLY hope they hire me to teach again in the fall.

2) If I thought it would help/ make the baby come faster, I would throw myself on the floor and cry right now.  There might be kicking and screaming.  I feel amazingly unwell (though, fortunately, both the baby and I are just fine).

3) Several stiff drinks would be great right about now.

4) I am not actually going to have several stiff drinks right now.

5) If anyone knows a magical way to make doctor/midwife offices run ON FUCKING TIME, you could make a fortune, I tell you.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I too have three kids and there was a time that I was following my husband around and unable to find something good where he was other than adjunct teaching. I am now a tenured professor. My pregnancies were difficult due to extreme nausea and other things. Take the long view on things. This is a special time for you and your family even though it may not feel that way. Kids grow up faster than you think.

  2. Thank heaven, they really do grow faster than you think. Because your right now SUCKS. C1 and C2 moved all the laundry from upstairs to the basement and sorted it. It's our new Monday morning chores time. The tradition is about 4 weeks old, and I love it. Ages 5 and 7 are pretty great. Someday soon, your two boys will be old enough to be in school all day, and you'll get to hang out with a sweet little daughter who never throws tantrums...

    I've been reading the Anne of Green Gables series, and I'm enjoying her tendency to live in dream-land. I recommend re-reading the series now that you're an adult, it's WAY different. Don't read Rilla of Ingleside though, or you'll spend a few days crying over boys going to war, like I did.

  3. Is there anywhere that will take your children for a few hours a day? Occasionally even?

  4. Zenmoo12:13 AM

    I completely agree. Being pregnant sucks and it is fantastic when children are out of the house. School ends tomorrow until January 26!!! I don't know who is more desperate for a countdown to big school 5 days a week, Miss 5 or me...


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