Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Student:

"Ma'am, I'm sorry I'm late. I thought it was Friday."

If only, honey.


  1. ivorygirl11:57 AM

    I felt like that all week.

    So, this will probably come across as stalker-ish, but…any interest in some gently used girl baby clothes ("girl" = pink and pink-themed)? I'm sure you have more than enough baby clothes in general, and you may well hate the idea of any gender specificity, but I had two girls at once and still seem to have a boatload of clothes around. Not ready to give up entirely on the idea of having one more, so not looking to ditch all of the clothes, but I need to prune (more) and all of the baby girls I know of are too big for the 0-12 months clothing...

  2. Seriously.

    And, sure, why not? Email me? address in sidebar. :) I'm all about recycling! Thanks for the offer!


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