Tuesday, July 01, 2014

And NO.

After all that, they hired the other person for the University staff job.  From this, I learn that if my instincts say "They haven't called you because the answer is no," that is correct.  I don't know, maybe they thought I wasn't student-centered enough or something; I was actually very well qualified for this job.  The last person they hired was completely student-centered and an unmitigated disaster.  Also, because it was for a religiously-oriented director position, I was honest in a lot of ways that don't come up in a job interview usually.  I feel more than a little personally insulted - because in some ways, it is that I personally was not good enough for them.  So.  Miffed!  Disappointed!

Well... I guess we won't be going to the Hillel much next year.  There's a nice congregation about 45 minutes away.  I always wanted to spend half my life driving small children around.

I have learned something important about myself: I am, in fact, not very happy to keep doing what I'm doing here.  I'm bored.  I want a job.   I don't have anything meaningful to do other than chase around my kids, which I hate.  However, it's starting to look like I'm never going to find a job here unless I want to be a waitress or a secretary.  Or a peon, but the last peon job I applied for wouldn't hire me because they thought I was too managing and wouldn't stay.  (Which was true.)  Lest you think I am exaggerating, there are 7000 people here, 24,000 people in the entire county which is 600 square miles, and one city.  One.  The one with 7000 people.  The nearest places of work are 45+ minutes away, which is completely un-doable here because the daycares - both of them - close at 5.  The median income is $46,000... per household.    My life satisfaction with Small Town is starting to decrease.  I'm envisioning my life stretching out before me just as it is now, or with some low-interest job thrown in, and I am deeply unhappy with that vision.  Maybe we won't stay forever, after all.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear this news, and sorry that your job prospects are difficult in your city.
    I mean this next question in a real heart-felt way (and am really not trying to offer advice where I shouldn't), but have you ever thought about writing? a book, or stories? Because I love reading your posts here, and find your writing humorous (at times) and also very genuine. You feel like someone I can relate to, and whose book I would read, and I bet others would too. Just a thought....
    Sending well wishes....
    --Neighbor Lady

  2. Belle2:34 PM

    Oh Jenny, I am so sorry! The hiring people are idiots, plain and simple. Anybody who doesn't hire you is an idiot, because they are passing up the most omni-competent person I know. I'm sorry that small-town life is getting so unbearable. I won't try to make up any silver-linings, but I am excited that you'll be going on vacation soon and I'll get to see you in a week and a half!!!

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    And also, I know this doesn't solve the second income issue, or the needing time away from the little ones issue..... but, just a thought. When I was staying home with the kids after grad school, writing helped me. I never did anything with it, but then...your writing is much better than mine was! :)
    Sorry if I have overstepped....
    --Neighbor Lady

  4. Oh, how ridiculous! I can't BELIEVE they didn't hire you! You really were perfect for that job. And yes, I can imagine the job prospects nearby are poor. I have some friends around here that do Bicycle Company consulting from the comfort of their homes. Perhaps that is a possibility. Or, some kind of online business. A high school friend is a fashion designer and makes and ships her products all over the country.

    I'm sorry you're bored and unhappy. You COULD move back to Cold City if it weren't for the cold, and lack of nearby family. Or line up a fancy job in the "Bigger City" in the Rural South, and make Mr. Dr. Scientist commute. Better daycare options!

    Good luck. As always, keep us posted.

  5. Ugh, that sucks! I'm so sorry!

  6. I left a tenure track job because I could not handle a small city in the middle of nowhere. So I definitely understand the impulse to find a richer environment.

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  8. Argh. I'm sorry about the job, and the medium-term prospects. You could open an Etsy hat business...
    Congratulations on the girl though! I would have guessed female, which is odd because I'm usually squarely in the "no idea" category.

  9. Ugh. I'm sorry about the job. Normally I like to offer constructive advice (because I'm a problem solver by nature-- much to Dr. Man's annoyanc), but i've got nothing. Just commiseration over how not getting the job sucks.

  10. Anonymous12:37 PM

    CRUD. I'm so sorry, and sorry that not getting it didn't reveal that in fact you hadn't wanted it after all. I was also going to inquire about Bicycle Consulting from home...would be wonderful if something like that could happen. Because, note, that doesn't actually mean "from home". My spouse works from home but he's mostly elsewhere, like at the cafe.

    Maybe you can claim they didn't hire you because you were pregnant and sue them. Heh.

    Maybe when the sting fades and you are no longer suffering physically all the time (you know, in the Magic Future), you will have a moment to think about what you really do want and how to bring it about. I hope so.

  11. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Oh, or maybe you can get a job at the moving company in florida. It's family owned!

  12. Anonymous7:21 AM


    I'm new to your Blog (and quite stupid). What does tenure track job mean? And I like that other lady's suggestion, above - write!

    Incidentally, if you're feeling glum, I came here from A Reluctant Launderer's site. Girl cheers me up no end. http://relentlesslaundry.blogspot.co.uk

  13. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Sorry, me again. Just went hunting for your Twitter link to follow you (do you not have one?) and saw your hat. Lovely! Millinery and writing?


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