Thursday, May 29, 2014


Bug is done with preschool forever (and acting out because he's nervous about kindergarten).  He gets to go to two half-day camps this summer.  One is at the local botanical garden, where I fully expect he will get muddy and exhausted every single day.  The other is a sports-style camp where they run around a lot.

We are still trying to find a house to buy/ negotiate endlessly with crazed sellers/ not despair.

My health, for various reasons, remains Not So Good, and I am trying not to succumb to a pain-induced depression.

The children are going through a hitting-each-other-all-the-time phase where the only solution is to separate them. For obvious reasons, this gets old really, really fast.

Next weekend we are going off to Next State Over to ride the steam railroad and meet up with some old friends.   Dr. S is going to a conference in Canada somewhere.

It is very, very hot.


  1. Oh, Bug. I hope he stops acting out soon. A friend (with four children) said to me yesterday, "Your kids are going to be so mellow as teenagers! The troublesome toddlers turn out to be the sweetest teens." I sure hope she's right.

    Houses! Goodness gracious, I hope something works itself out soon.

    Hmm. Now, if anyone can NOT be depressed through sheer force of will, it is you. But. Perhaps consider some drugs that have worked for you in the past, that won't aggravate any of your medical conditions?

    Isn't it strange how the children keep hitting each other when they're together, and yet it's punishment to separate them? Kids are weird. And yet, I'm certain this phase will go away once Bug calms the F down and Tatoe convinces Bug that he is perfectly capable of retaliation. My 6.5 and 4.5 occasionally hit each other now. "Mom, he hit me!" "Well, go talk to him about it. Tell him that hitting hurts, and to stop hitting or you won't play with him." T isn't quite old enough for reasoning/negotiation, yet.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with the railroad and the friends!

    I wish you had a basement to keep cool in, but I suppose most houses there don't have basements. Viva la air conditioning!

    1. I, too, hope Bug will calm the F down. A lot. Tatoe is.... almost rational. But not quite!

      Alas, I am already taking the AD that works, but not the second one, because it makes me Not Sleep, and that's pretty much the only way this could get worse. Well... this too shall pass eventually.

      A lot of houses here DO have basements, including the latest one we have a contract on (pending inspection in a week and a half). It's nice and cool down there. Here's hoping THIS one works. It has a stream in the front yard! Your kids would love it.

    2. A stream?! Nevermind the kids, *I* want to come play in it! I hope the inspection goes well, and the sellers are reasonable people.


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