Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I find gardening deeply satisfying.  It comes in manageable, time-limited, finite task units!  My children can roam about getting muddy and digging holes and accomplishing my daily goal of getting them dirty and exhausted!   I'm reasonably good at it and it works!  In fact, it works pretty much the same every time.  It never argues with me. I give it water and nice fertilizer and maybe some lime and it gives me vegetables.  It's like a green exemplification of a SMART goals template.

From this you can deduce what I miss most about working.


  1. I'm just starting to garden and finding that I like it. At least as long as I don't try to compare my attempts to what I see in magazines/on pinterest. It's nice to feel like something is working out.

  2. Your post just made me think of this song:

  3. anotherscientist2:32 AM

    yep, belle, my thought exactly!

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Heh! Surely you have had lots of failed experiments in both domains before getting to the point where it worked regularly.

    The analogy is disturbing to me given that my gardening is a lot like my research--always jumping the gun before I've really thought things through, thus wasting time and resources, doing crazy things just for fun, ignoring the things that need attention while devoting my attention to the things that don't need it...SIGH.

    Maybe instead of a gardener OR a researcher I was meant to be an artist?

  5. It's true - there were a lot of feeble-looking sprouts along the way. And, in the pre-Bunny-B-Gone era (not you, the furry kind with four feet and long ears and a little cottontail) a lot of rabbit-gnawed things.

    Maybe the analogy is TOTALLY not relevant to your gardening! That's just how I do practically everything though - there's a diagram, a project plan, a list.... though mine totally falls apart in the housework arena due to apathy. So maybe your Give A Damn is just all used up right now?


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