Friday, April 25, 2014

I Appeal To All The Spring Deities:

Please, let us not all catch the virus of great vomiting.  Please.


  1. Ugh. Yes please.
    Everyone in my family had one of those bugs, years ago. I don't remember much, except that a brave friend of my parents came by to help them take care of themselves and their four sick kids. Hope you'll be spared this experience.

  2. That is EXCEEDINGLY brave of your parents' friend.

    The deities were merciful and only Bug threw up. Poor kiddo.

  3. Those probiotic capsules (Biofidus / acidophilus) are fantastic for warding off vomiting bugs in kids. Seriously. I swear by them, and I don't believe in any of that hippy-dippy shit. They come in powder form (from health shops) for youngsters. Get the highest count of bacteria you can find. (Ignore the enormous cost. It's a fraction of what you'd pay to not be up all night wading through vomit.)

    1. I have some! I used to give them to Bug in his applesauce - definitely an idea for next time. Tatoe seems mainly immune to vomitous viruses. I have no idea why.


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