Monday, April 07, 2014

Depressing, But Not In Error

Last week, Dr. S finally printed out his wage statement from Mountain U.  I sat down to do the taxes and saw they had listed "Federal Withholding: $0".  I promptly panicked and demanded he call HR right away (they were closed).

Eventually he got in touch with them.  The response? "Yes, we got your W-2; yes, we calculated your salary times twelve months.  Your federal tax liability should essentially be zero because you are poor.  Stop bothering us now."



  1. Well, that hurts the ego a lot. A LOT.
    BUT, if it were me, I would much prefer my ego be hurt than my pocketbook (as in, "we didn't have you pay taxes all year and now you owe upwards of 10k" or something).
    I'm sorry :(

    1. Wait! It gets slightly MORE depressing! We paid the feds $0 and they paid us back $19. I have no idea why. (US tax code: impenetrable.)

      Definitely preferable to the large hit in the pocketbook, yes. ;)

  2. Yes to all that. Glad it turned out that way for you!


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