Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cute Cute Cute Cute NOT CUTE

Bug likes to say to me and to Tatoe, "I love you.  Do you love me?"  And I say "Yes, buddy, of course I love you lots and lots forever."  And Tatoe says "Dovey dovey Bugga!"  Which is completely adorable.   (Tatoe has excellent articulation and vocabulary... for a 22-month-old.)

Sometimes they take out all the giant legos and build a giant tower, laid flat, on the couch, and then knock it on the floor and laugh hysterically.

Sometimes, when Tatoe's upset, Bug goes and gets Panda Teddy and Panda Teddy Teddy* to help his brother feel better.

And sometimes, Bug grabs a toy out of Tatoe's hand, pushes him on the floor, and lies about it.

Next time I have my children** I will make sure they have July or August birthdays so they can go to kindergarten as soon as possible.

* Tatoe has two identical stuffed pandas.  He insists on sleeping with both of them.  In a moment of lack-of-foresight, I allowed him to see both at the same time.  The rest....  Anyhow, we call them Teddy and Teddy Teddy.
** That is, next time I go back in time and do this over.

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