Thursday, August 08, 2013

More Extremely Boring Assorted

  • I did not do my spouse bodily harm.  I did toss the children at him Monday evening and go to the gym.  When I came home they were still shrieking.   (I also offered to leave town again.  He declined.  Next time I am NOT getting babysitters.)
  • The reason I exercise so much is this: my desire for an hour all alone is generally greater than my lazy wish to sit around on my rear.
  • Bug is slowly becoming less insane.  My word, but that child loves him some routine/regularly scheduled bribery.  (I prefer to call it 'incentivization.')  The re-institution of Songs For Getting Dressed Cheerfully and the Outing Every Morning and also the Post-Quiet-Time How It's Made Episode have clearly given him a sense of stability, because he asks for them every single day.  
  • Dr. S and I can still not sleep.  Well.  Ever.  Especially not on the same mattress.  Job uncertainty and stress: the gift that keeps on giving. 
  • No, I have not gotten off my lazy rear and started applying for jobs.  Or, more realistically, job, singular, as in "I know you're not hiring, but please hire me."  


  1. I'm glad Bug is becoming less insane. I'm counting the days until school starts, and C1 gets back his lovely rigid routine. Because August has been, and will continue to be, crazy. (Friend in MI remarked, "What do you suppose is wrong with C1 today? He seems worse than yesterday.")

    It's deeply unfair that though the children are sleeping well, you and Dr. S aren't. Fatigue makes dealing with the shrieking children infinitely worse. On days where I've gotten a good night of sleep, I believe I can get through a whole day without shouting! (I read a study once that claimed 85% of parents shout at their children. I believe the other 15% were liars.)

    1) Hang in there. *Hugs*
    2) Consider sleep drugs?

    1. Oh, poor little C1. Daddy's away and he's off having fun... but in all seriousness, YES, routine.

      The other 15% were liars or on DRUGS.

      (Have already both considered and taken many, many sleep drugs. Dr. S won't though. Bleh.)

  2. Glad that Bug is getting better. The sleep issue sucks though. Separate mattresses (in one bed) are quite common where I'm from, but well, that doesn't help much. Couch exile?

    1. That's pretty much what's happening. We have a spare bed. I just feel kind of bad because it's been going on for years, but... otherwise nobody sleeps and, well, that doesn't really end well.

  3. I'm thinking that if you could sleep well, and the insane phase of Bug's life was unequivocally over and done with, you could apply for a job. But those are big obstacles.
    Love the gym option for a moment's rest. Mine has childcare and they LOVE Gummy there. Works well for us.

    1. Of course they love Gummy! Who could do otherwise?

      If, if, if. I'll be really happy when this whole academic-job-search mess is over.


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