Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. S: "All these kids with last names as first names!  It's the WASP-i-est thing ever!  Colton, Jefferson, Jackson, Bentley...."

Me:  "It's a Southern thing."


  1. I'm with Dr. S on that one.

  2. Good lord. "Jefferson" didn't tip him off to the southernness? Sigh. Sugar would have missed it, too. I can still flabergast her by listing the names of kids I went to school with. Including, yes, boys named Stacy and Lindsey (but not Ashley).

    Heck, my own son's first name is my Great-Grandmother's maiden name. It's been in use as a first name in the family for a while (starting with her son) and doesn't strike even northerners as odd, but point of order, it's a last name.

    1. I like the Bean's name. I think Bentley is maybe going a little far.

  3. Bionic5:00 PM

    Ps, my great great grandmother was grandma jeffie. Yes, her name was Jefferson. Her first name.


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