Thursday, July 04, 2013

Very Fast Items On Unsecured Networks While Children Destroy University Property

1) We have no phone or internet.  We are trying to fix this, but all the directions.... are on the Internet.

2) Also it is a federal holiday today and, unofficially, tomorrow.

3) Oh GOD, the South.
3a) Walmart.  Think, 15% expensive-looking people in riding boots (the real kind, that they have just used for riding),  25% Average Rural-ish People, and 60% camouflage.


5) Also it's beautiful up in the mountains here.

6) Our apartment is about 100% nicer than the university's pictures made it look.  It's almost like they were trying to discourage people.

7) It quite literally rained on our parade this morning.  It has rained three times a day for a week.

8) All the plants are very, very happy here.  So are the mosquitoes.

9) Must have long discourse later on my mother (mostly charming, now very anxious about completely trivial things like getting lost while in possession of GPS).

10) Tots + grandma + favorite aunt + sweet friendly dog = really wonderful.

11) There is a dinosaur hanging in the lobby of Dr. S's building.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad that you've arrived. Once you have phone, internet, time, I can't wait to catch up and hear all the stories! Good luck with sorting things out!

    1. Have fixed the Internet, HALLELUJAH! Can't wait to tell you all about it (wedding: as awful as I thought, but I got a hat commission!; town: very small). Happy travels to you as well, dear!

  2. Glad you fixed the internet! Those circular problems are annoying.
    6 and 10 and 11 sound awesome.

    1. If I were the dog, I would have bitten the kids. But she's a really, really nice dog, fortunately for the kids. :)

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    We went to walmart for a white t-shirt last weekend and, upon arriving, followed behind a family equipped thusly:
    Dad - rifle swung over back
    Mom - camo hobo bag with some sort of designer tag
    Son - barefoot
    Daughter - pink camo mini backpack and puppy slung over one arm.

    They exited a Lexus SUV. Long live the south.

    1. ^This is possibly my favorite blog comment ever!!

    2. Ah, the South. Lord love 'em all.

  4. Glad to get an update of post-move status. Sounds like amidst the Mosquitos and camo, there some pretty wonderful things about your new context.


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