Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Marital Problem-Solving

"Bug is being pretty intolerable."
"Can you just be more patient with him?"
"Can I lock myself in a closet instead??"
"Um... how about you take a vacation?"

I'm haring off to Our Nation's Capitol for five glorious days - including 10 hours of blissfully quiet train-riding!  with books and knitting!  uninterrupted by, well, anything - and I have even taken pity on my spouse and booked some half-time babysitters, so that he isn't locked in a closet when I return.  (The spouse, not the child, though I wouldn't lay any bets.)  My itinerary consists mainly of "visit everyone I can, then wander around."

Of course, Dr. S will be gone for another who-knows-how-long, interviewing this fall, so on the whole, it all balances out.  Nonetheless, three cheers for the spouse.


  1. Your trip sounds wonderful! It was kind of you to arrange part-time babysitting. I hope you have a fantastic time visiting with friends, and relaxing ALONE on a train.

  2. Yay for spouse indeed! Enjoy the alone time and the time visiting with friends!

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM


  4. well done, spouse! reminds me that i need to actually schedule that weekend in boston i was supposed to have in...may? was it may? sigh.

  5. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Until last weekend, it'd been really really hot here, and we finally had a really awful weekend where hot + toddler + limited patience resulted in big parenting fail. Three days later I hopped on a train for 6 peaceful hours. I was only at the conference for 2 days, but (a) it was in Geneva, (b) I got to tour CERN, (c) I got to meet up with a friend who now lives in Canberra for dinner, and (d) I got to hang out one night with some other friends drinking beer and playing poker.

    Best couple of days away ever. By the time I was on the train home, I was actually looking forward to seeing both Gwen and Joel again.

  6. Yay for the spouse indeed! Enjoy your trip!


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