Sunday, March 03, 2013


Recently an acquaintance posted a referral credit deal - and didn't mention that she would benefit.  Annoying!  Disingenuous!  Also pretty close to dishonest. 

My friend C, whose spouse got kicked out of grad school, hid their savings so they would qualify for public assistance and Medicaid for the children.  (The university offers excellent, affordable health insurance for students' families.)  Leaving aside how advisable it is to take Medicaid when you have other options (hint: NOT AT ALL) -I'm still unclear on why any of this seemed like a good idea.

I bet neither of these people would lie or steal to someone's face.  I'm not sure why they think it's better to hide the truth about money, rather than flat out lying.  I'm especially not sure why they think that 'sneaky dishonesty is ethically acceptable as long as nobody catches you' is a good lesson to teach their children.


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Fit of pique indeed.

  2. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I try to be upfront about it. I have posted my referral link to sites like Zulily on my blog, but at the end I always say that if you use my link and make a purchase, I get a credit, so you might want to ask a friend for a referral and get them a credit instead.

    Don't people realize when they scam the government that they are scamming their friends and family who pay taxes? So by telling you they hid savings to get benefits they are basically telling you that they're taking advantage of you?

    1. Yes, exactly! (For the government and taxes part. The link section is N/A, I don't even go to Pampered Chef/Tupperware/whatever parties because I don't like the selling things to friends.)

    2. 1) Yes! The HONEST way to do it! This particular person is someone who's all take and no give, if you know what I mean, so I'm probably predisposed to dislike her.

      2) Also yes. I pay my damn taxes with no more ill-humor than average because I do actually believe government should provide services. This one can also be filed under 'people who claim to be really Christian while missing many important principles.'


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