Saturday, March 23, 2013

Google Wins

"Will GSE treat pseudonymous"?

I very much doubt it.  Only a Superman-like reveal of your true identity will cure this problem for you! (GSE will also not cure a UTI.)

"PCR Pour Les Nuls"*

I dearly hope this is a book title.  Though Google also informs me someone has set up a helpful YouTube set.  Try Maniatis.

"Dressed up goose"

Go to Ohio.  No, really, do.

*PCR for idiots.


  1. Wow. I didn't even know people put plastic geese in their yards, much less dressed them up. I shall have to ask Rachael, her family is in Ohio.

    1. Over the 3.5 years I spent there in college- plus many, many trips, as both my parents are from Ohio- I think I've seen thousands. They're actually plaster or concrete, usually. They have holiday outfits, little turkey tailfeathers, Santa costumes, bonnets... it's.... amazing. And they are EVERYWHERE.


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