Friday, February 22, 2013


I got Dr. S a little tablet for his Hanukkah present.  He's been wanting one for years, but never buys anything, basically.  It's part of our Marital Agreement: he cleans, I buy things.

Me: I can't believe you only use it to read journal articles.
Dr. S: It's more fun than anything else I could do on the bus.
Me: Journal articles!
Dr. S: It's for work!  You read journal articles all the time!
Me: And CDC statistics.
Dr. S: Yes.
Me: But mine is for fun!
Dr. S: ... how does that make you less weird than me?

(We're a matched set.)


  1. This was awesome! My husband constantly tries to convince me that I'm weirder than he is.

  2. that's incredibly sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Ya'll are my kind of "weird".


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