Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recipe: Desperation Tofu

This is, naturally, a grad school recipe, from when I would get home from work at 7 or 7:30 and stare into the refrigerator in - what else? - despair.  (I still cannot believe that we worked 11-hour days for that many years without falling into even MORE major depression. People here in Cold State seem to mainly not do that, though of course there are a few lunatics everywhere.) 

Desperation Tofu

1.  Get home late.
2. Stare into your refrigerator in despair.
3. Get out the tofu, garlic, sesame seeds, and ginger (what, doesn't everyone always keep these around?).  Cube tofu.  Pour yourself a martini.
4. Brown tofu in a little oil.   Forget pressing, it's 8 pm by now, who has time for that?
5. Squash, slice, or grate in the garlic and ginger, to your taste.  Add some sesame seeds.  Let burn slightly while you drink the rest of your martini.
6. Hunt around in the fridge for leftover rice.  You don't have any.  Pour some frozen peas in the pan with the tofu.
7. Eat out of the pan with a fork while watching TV on your computer.
8. Find a new job.


  1. I LOVE your blog. Am so happy to have found you (via the nuts-and-bolts-backstage-area of my own). As soon as the online grocery shopping has been done and / or my children give me a sliver of PEACE AND QUIET FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I am going to immerse self fully in your archives. (note: that may not be for some time, sigh)

    1. You're too kind! I sympathize with the PEACE AND QUIET OMFG. As my little one is mountaineering up my back and pulling my hair, likewise, time is short.


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